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Greetings friends,

We are so grateful you are here. Spring is here, the earth is warmly welcoming new growth and we too feel the creative impulse within us. 

This is the time for falling in love or better yet, to spring into love. Not the kind of love necessarily that our culture prescribes, we mean a romance with the natural world and with our own lives. 

Spring calls us into awakening from the slumber of winter. Our bodies may feel sluggish and we may already feel the need to organize and clean our homes, to move things around, and invite fresh energy into our lives. The same is true for our home, our body, our vessel, our temple. Fasting is an effective way to interrupt old habits, addictions, and toxic coping behaviors. It’s also a practical way to remove toxins and help the regeneration of our bodies. We suggest a gentle fast which entails three days of juice, herbal infusions, agua frescas and broth. 

Fasting also promotes a sense of introspective observation, thus inviting us to slow down and contemplate the deeper aspects of our soul/life. 

We invite you to cleanse the mind/body in togetherness, in community as it is done traditionally throughout the world. 

While we are not able to gather in person, we sure can make the best of what technology has to offer and meet in the virtual realms instead. 

The Great Reset includes:

  • E-book- containing recipes, self care rituals, shopping list and resources.

  • Written and video content- Springtime foraging, breaking the fast, breath work, meditation.

  • An independent virtual community forum

  • Daily live discussions with Centehua

  • My Herbal Box - Springtime cleansing herbal teas ($30 + shipping in the US only) (Optional: feel free to source your own herbs if you prefer) 

My Herbal Box kits are available for preorder and will ship the last week of April. My Herbal Box is a separate purchase from the course.

We are offering a gratitude discount of 20% off to members of my herbal box and former students. 

We look forward to this journey and we hope you join us as we welcome the warmer months with clarity of mind and fullness of heart. 


Centehua and Hiba (My Herbal Box)